Show #1 Awards Update

 The OQHA & OAQHA volunteer boards are working hard behind the scenes to gather exciting awards for our exhibitors! Thank you to all of the generous sponsors who make this awards list possible. This list continues to grow as sponsors continue to contribute.  

As of June 11th, the following are the secured awards for show #1 which runs through to 11:59pm this Sunday June 14th. 

Show #1 - Horsemanship

Show #1 - Showmanship

Show #1 - Equitation

Show #1 - Walk-Trot

Note: The class will be split into Youth & Adult if there are at least 10 entries in each.

Show #1 - Overall

Series-End High Point Awards

Reminder that there will be Series-End recognition and awards for OQHA members. This list is growing every day so exact prizes are still being developed, but they include:

  • Kathy's Belt Buckle for both All Ontario High Point Showmanship & High Point Horsemanship (highest total points in each event between 3 OQHA shows + 2020 Summer Pandemic Horse Show on a one horse/rider basis)
  • NSBA Membership for High Point Overall, Novice, Youth, & Select
  • Many other exciting gift cards & prizes to be announced soon!  

Award Notes & Rules

  • All classes will be placed both overall and by division, even if there are not awards for all divisions. (Divisions are: Overall/Novice/Youth/Amateur/Select for all age non-pro classes and Youth/Adult for walk-trot classes)
  • An OQHA membership is required to qualify for Series-End High Point Standings & Awards
  • Anyone is eligible for class awards & prize money
  • There must be at least 5 entries to pay out prize money for 1st place & high placing novice, and at least 10 entries to pay out 2nd & 3rd place winners
  • Walk-Trot will be split into Youth & Amateur if there are at least 10 exhibitors in each


If you are interested in sponsoring or donating awards, please reach out to or

Thank you!