Exciting Learning Opportunities!

The mission of OQHA's Virtual Show Series is to provide a venue for people to compete with their horses from home, but also to provide educational opportunities for our members, participants, and followers to grow and advance with their horses. 

We have come up with a few ideas that we will be implementing to promote learning. 

Winning Run breakdown & video from the judge 

Judges will be recording a breakdown of the winning run in each of our classes which will be shared on this page and on social media. In this recording, they will share how they scored and what they were thinking about the pattern/exhibitor that they had at the top of their score sheet in each class. This is an exciting way for everyone to learn from not only our esteemed AQHA judges, but also from our top scoring riders!

All score sheets will be posted

After our results are in, all judges score sheets will be posted for transparency and to learn from. The score sheets provide a great way for exhibitors to understand which maneuvers were credit earning, and where there is room for improvement. If you aren't sure how to read a score sheet, reach out to our Show Manager (oqhasherrill@gmail.com) who can connect you with an Ontario Trainer/Coach that can walk you through your score. 

Top 10 videos will be posted

A great way to learn is from peers! When the results are posted, the videos for the Top 10 runs will be included so that they can be easily watched and referenced (and of course, congratulated)!


If you have any further ideas or would like to volunteer yourself as a virtual coach/trainer in any way, please share them in the comments section at the bottom of this page!