Fall Series Announcement!

Our Summer virtual show series received such wonderful participation and feedback that we are eager to announce the launch of a follow-up Fall Virtual Show Series! 

Just like the last series, we will be offering the popular patterned events, payback, and the opportunity to show to AQHA judges. 

New for this series! 

Based on feedback, Non-Pro classes will be divided into All Age Novice & All Age Non-Pro divisions (as opposed to being split by category after the class is run). This will enable our competitors to show patterns suited to their skill level. There will be an overall high-point Novice & overall high-point Non-Pro awarded for each show. Note: You are absolutely welcome to show in both levels if eligible! 

Open Challenge Classes

Each show will have our four regular Non-Pro events (Showmanship, Equitation, Horsemanship & Walk-Trot) as well as one jackpotted Open Challenge event:

Show #1: Trainers' Horsemanship Challenge

Show #2: Open Trail Challenge

Show #3: Open Ranch Riding Challenge

Show Dates & Judges

Much like our Summer Series, the Fall Edition will be comprised of three individual shows, each open for 9 days. 

Show #1: August 28-September 6, judged by Lori Gordon

Show #2: September 19-27, judged by Kendra Weis

Show #3: October 10-18, judged by Amy Watkins 


Be sure to mark your calendars! The website will be updated shortly in preparation for Show #1 and patterns will be posted as soon as they are available. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Show Manager Sherrill Tisdale at oqhasherrill@gmail.com