May Patterns

We now have patterns for our May Virtual Show, courtesy of AQHA judge Clay Cavinder.

Based on exhibitor demand we've added a Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation in addition to the same events held in April: Walk-Trot Horsemanship, Non-Pro Showmanship, Non-Pro Horsemanship, Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation, Open Trail, and Open Ranch Riding. All events will be placed overall as well as by division, meaning that for one entry fee you'll be able to be placed in all the divisions for which you are eligible!

Check them out below to start practicing and filming! Reminder that all videos/entries will be due by 11:59pm on the last day of the month. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to our show manager Sherrill Tisdale at 

Happy filming and we hope to see everyone in person sometime soon! 

Non-Pro Showmanship

Non-Pro Horsemanship

Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation

Walk-Trot Horsemanship

Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation

Open Trail

Open Ranch Riding