Patterns for Show #1

Patterns for Show #1 are here! 

Patterns provided by our judge, Clint Fullerton. 

If you have any questions about any of the patterns, please feel free to comment below. Your question may help other exhibitors as well! 

Note: If you are on your touch screen phone, you can either take a screenshot or hold your finger on the pattern to save it. 

All Age Non-Pro Showmanship

Note: If you do not have a third person to perform your inspection, your videographer can be your judge. 


All Age Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation

Clarification for Hunt Seat Equitation pattern: Please be sure to follow the written pattern. The first circle (to the left) is a Left Lead Canter.


All Age Non-Pro Horsemanship


Walk-Trot Horsemanship (Youth & Amateur)


A reminder that Show #1 will be open for entries/video submissions from 12:00am Saturday June 6th through 11:59pm Sunday June 14th. 

Wondering how it works?! Check out our Detailed Rules & Procedures page