Patterns for Show #3

Our judge, Jonathan Meilleur, has provided the patterns for Show #3. These are out extra early so our exhibitors have an extra weekend to film and practice! Show #3 is the final show in our Summer Series and is open for entries from July 18th through July 26th.  

All-Age Non Pro Showmanship

All Age Non-Pro Horsemanship

All Age Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation

Clarification from the judge for the Equitation pattern: "Both leg yields to be completed at a sitting trot. First is to the left, second is to the right."

It has also been verified that the lead change may be a simple or flying. 

All Age Walk Trot Horsemanship

Open All Age Trail Challenge

Equipment required: 19 poles, 8 cones, 2 standards, 1 rope


As always, if you have any questions about the patterns or our Virtual Show Series please reach out to Show Manager Sherrill Tisdale at