Ranch Riding Challenge added to Show #2

Exciting news!!

Based on exhibitor feedback, we have added an Open All-Ages Ranch Riding Challenge to Show #2. 

Show #2 runs from June 27th through July 5th. More details about the Ranch Riding Challenge will follow. If you have any questions, reach out to our Show Manager at oqhasherrill@gmail.com 

Note: In an attempt to give exhibitors ample time to film their videos, we are aiming to get the patterns for Show #2 out early. 


Jane Lyon

Sorry I found this so late. Would love to see another Ranch Riding challenge offered. :)

Daphne Benjamins

Very interested in entering this class. Question on club membership? OQHA or Area 1, if you already have AQHA membership. Thanks

Jessie Godin

Please send ranch riding patterns. Very interested

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