Horsemanship Results - Aug/Sept Show

Congrats to all of the entries in our most recent Horsemanship class!

The Winning Run - Sarah Donaldson & Crossin The Line

Overall Results - 5 entries shown

Placing Draw Order Exhibitor Name Horse Name Score Prize
1 4 Sarah Donaldson Crossin The Line 83.0 $100
2 2 Mackenzie Harvey Lopin Bubba Dun 79.5
3 5 Will Truesdell Berries And Juice 78.0
4 1 Kelly Truesdell Berries And Juice 76.0
DQ 3 Ellen Cottrell Talk N Te 0.0


 Score Sheets & All Videos

If you'd like to watch all of the runs in this class, they can be found in this folder.