Show #2 - Open Ranch Riding Challenge Results

A fun twist to show #2 was the addition of an Open Ranch Riding Challenge, which had 10 entries. 

There was $100 added, sponsored by Cathy Perron & Lisa Black. $10 from each entry fee was also jackpotted to the prize pot. 

The Winning Run - Jodi Mallette & Remember Me Good


Placing Draw Order Exhibitor Name Horse Name Score Prize $
1 6 Jodi Mallette Remember Me Good 76.0 $90.00
2 2 Mackenzie Harvey Lopin Bubba Dun 74.5 $70.00
3 1 Jessica Cieri Wimpys Lil Whiz 73.5 $40.00
4 5 Courtney Bishop Remember Me Good 73.0
5 3 Brianna Carr Smart Smokin Ammo 72.5
6 9 Danielle Bannerman Principle In Cash 72.0
7 7 Jenny Shaw SV Whizzin Onacancan 71.5
8 4 Jessica Rudd Goodness Shes Nice 71.0
9 10 Abby Schaap All Three Gears 70.0
10 8 Sabrina Clark Bar EF Baybe Bluz 69.5


Score Sheets & All Videos

If you're wondering what your draw # was (to correspond with the video) you can see it as well as all videos in the class at this link.

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