Area 1 Quarter Horse Promotional Association

Area 1 has generously donated prizes for our Series-End High Point winners. 

Find some information about the Area 1 Club (from their website) below: 

Founded in 1976, Area 1 is an affiliate of the Ontario Quarter Horse Association (OQHA). OQHA is a non-profit organization that strives to promote the American Quarter Horse through horse shows, clinics, trail rides and friendship & fellowship among members.

The cost and time required for hauling horses makes it difficult for the small horse owner to travel the OQHA show circuit. Ontario was divided into promotional clubs which offer to all registered Quarter Horse owners the opportunity to show within their area of residence and once again enjoy showing their horses with a minimum of expense and travel time

Area 1 Promotional Quarter Horse Club encompasses the entire southwest tip of Ontario eastward to Hwy. #4, Hwy. #4 from Lake Erie north to Hwy. #8 northwest along Hwy. #8 to Lake Huron. The city of London and all addresses there-is included.