Area 2 Quarter Horse Promotional Club

Thank you to Area 2 for contributing to our Series-End High Point awards! 

The Area 2 Quarter Horse Promotional Club is affiliated with both the Ontario Quarter Horse Association, and the American Quarter Horse Association.  Area 2 is the largest geographical area within OQHA extending from the northern boundary of Owen Sound and south to include the Niagara Peninsula.

The primary objective of the Area 2 Promotional Club is the improvement and promotion of the Quarter Horse breed. In order to accomplish this, they foster competition within the Area 2 by means of horse shows.  Included in this aim is the development of a strong youth component within their membership.  

Area 2 is a non-profit organization and is run completely by volunteers. They are dedicated to continuously finding ways to give back to their members. The majority of our sponsorships collected every year go straight back to their members in the form of High Point Show Awards and Year End awards. Area 2 also publishes a newsletter 3 to 4 times a year to keep members and valued sponsors updated on our member’s accomplishments and news. 

Area 2 has an amazing Board of Directors, who are always willing to answer questions and assist members and potential members. Their President Kharli Friske can be contacted at


We are still actively seeking sponsorship for our Virtual Show Series. If you are interested in sponsoring, please reach out to Thank you!!