Equine Solutions Ontario

Thank you to Equine Solutions Ontario for kindly donating a nylon halter & a bottle of Ultra Shield fly spray which will be a part of our Series-End awards! 

Equine Solutions Ontario is a family run business, owned by long time OQHA members and supporters Pete & Sharon Hammer. They have been in the quarter horse business for over 40 years: Owning horses, standing a stallion, raising, showing, and selling AQHA horses. Pete is also an equine farrier. Now, through Equine Solutions Ontario, they focus on providing Canadian customers with top notch products to care for their equine partners. 

At Equine Solutions Ontario they carry quite a few high quality products, and their list is ever-expanding. At this time they carry:

- ArcEquine (for rent and purchase)
- Equine15 & Canine15 supplement
- HoofCinch
- Custom nylon halters
- BIOP products & supplements
- Equine Choice
- Farriers Formula
- Custom nylon halters

And many other great products! 

If you'd like to check them out, head over to their website and Facebook page

Thanks again Pete, Sharon, & Equine Solutions Ontario! 


Don't forget to show in our series to qualify for these awesome Series-End awards, which are available to OQHA members! Show #2 runs from June 27th through July 5th and will be offering Showmanship, Horsemanship & Equitation classes.