Rules & Procedures


I've never shown AQHA or OQHA before, can I try the virtual show?

Absolutely! We have built out this platform as not only a way to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to encourage new and grassroots participation. We welcome absolutely anyone to participate. High Point Novice exhibitors will be recognized with additional payback and awards, and we will look into arranging additional awards and recognition for further divisions should sponsorship allow. 

Do I need to be an OQHA member to participate?

No membership required! However, OQHA members do have a benefit of discounted entry fees and the ability to compete for Series-End High Point Awards. If you would like to become an OQHA member prior to participating, check out

Does my horse need to be a quarter horse to participate?

No, all breeds and grade horses are welcome! We encourage everyone to participate in this fun and affordable method of testing out AQHA style competition. 

Do I need to own the horse that I enter the show on?

You can show any horse, in any class. Our goal is to be as flexible with this Virtual Show Series as possible so that anyone can participate!

Can I show more than one horse in the same class?

Although this isn't usually feasible at a typical OQHA show (aside from in events like Trail, Western Riding, etc.) it is absolutely allowed in the Virtual Show Series! You can show more than one horse if you'd like. The same horse can also be shown by more than one person. 

Are there rules about where participants can be from (geographically)?

Although this show is hosted by the Ontario Quarter Horse Association, anyone (from anywhere) is welcome and encouraged to participate! 

Video Instructions

Does it matter what type of device I use to take my video?

Nope! Just about any cell phone should work. We suggest ensuring that your videos are clear so as to ensure fair judging. 

Where should the videographer stand?

Videographer location will be specified on each pattern. We suggest that the videographer zooms when the rider is far away so as to ensure fair judging. 

Should I mute the sound or add music to my video?

Please leave the sound *on* for your video, such that this can be as much like a real show as possible! Any videos that are muted may be disqualified by the judge.

Do I need a third person to perform the inspection for showmanship?

If you are unable to have a third person perform the inspection, it is 100% acceptable to have your videographer perform inspection. However, it can be easier to have a third person walk around!

Entry & Upload Instructions

What if I miss the deadline to make entries?

In order to ensure organization and fairness, our entry deadlines are firm. Each show will be open for an entire month with patterns being released on the first day of the month, and videos being due by 11:59pm on the last day of the month. 

Can I make my entries before I take my video?

You must upload your video as you submit your entries, so there is no need to enter ahead of time. 

How do I pay?

You can pay securely using credit card, right through this website when you're making entries. Alternatively, you can choose (when checking out) to send an e-transfer to

How do I upload my video?

You upload your video directly on this website, as you are making your entries. Videos can be uploaded straight from your computer or phone, Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox. We have attempted to make this process as user friendly as possible, and if you have any technical issues please don't hesitate to reach out to

Do I need to put anything on Facebook?

You are not required to post anything to Facebook in order to enter, but of course you are welcome to share your runs via social media! We all miss each other during these difficult times, and social media is a wonderful way to be a part of the community! 

We will post all results, winning runs, etc. both to this website and to Facebook. 

Tack & Attire

Do I need to wear my show clothes & tack?

No need! The following attire is what we recommend:

- Jeans, boots & long sleeve shirt for western classes

- Breeches, boots & long sleeve shirt for english classes

- Hats are optional

- Helmets for youth exhibitors in english classes

Do I need to braid or band? What about fake tails?

Braiding, banding, and fake tails are not required. If you'd like to, however, you are absolutely welcome to! 

Please note that all equipment used must be legal per AQHA rules.

Prizes & Payback

Which placings will receive payback?

As long as we have enough participation, the following standard payback will be offered for each class:

Overall Winner


High Placing Novice


Overall 2nd


Overall 3rd


11th Place Wild Card



See participation requirements below. 

Should we receive additional sponsorship support, we may be able to pay out additional placings and divisions or offer sponsored prizes beyond the standard payback outlined above.

The overall winner will also be features in a Winning Run video with voiceover from the judge. 

Is there a minimum number of entries required for payback to be paid?

In order to pay out the Winner and High Placing Novice, there must be at least 5 entries in the class. 

In order to pay out 2nd and 3rd Place prize monies, there must be at least 10 entries in the class. 

In order to pay out the Wild Card 11th place, there must be at least 11 entries in the class :)

Do I need to be an OQHA member to receive payback?

Anyone is eligible to receive payback! You must, however, be an OQHA member to be eligible for Series-End High Point awards. Note that OQHA membership is not limited to Ontario residents, and anyone can join our association.

Standings & High Points

Can anyone win a high point award?

All OQHA members are eligible to win a Series-End High Point award. 

Will there be high point awards for each class, or just overall?

Our aim is to offer high point awards both overall, and for each class. We will recognize additional divisions (Rookie, Select, etc.) and additional placings should sponsorship allow. 

When will high point awards be presented?

Awards will be presented at the end of the series. Standings will be posted online and awards will be either sent virtually or mailed. 


Who should I thank for sponsoring the prizes & awards?

Sponsor information can be found here.

We are very appreciative of our sponsors, and wouldn't be able to operate without them!

I would like to sponsor, how should I go about doing so?

Awesome - thank you! Please reach out to if you're interested in sponsoring, and someone from our committee will reach out to you. 

Events Offered

Are Showmanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, and Horsemanship the only events being offered?

At this time, our board and committee chose these 3 events for the following reasons:

1. Fairness/Consistency: Since they are scored events, there is transparency, consistency, and fairness.

2. Popularity: They are some of the most popular events at our regular OQHA shows. 

3. Inclusiveness: Everyone should have the equipment and arena sizes required to participate in these events at home. We are considering trail since it's a popular event, but want to ensure that our exhibitors have the required equipment to participate. 

We will also include an open feature class for each show based on exhibitor demand. 

If I have a suggestion for an additional event, who should I tell?

We would love to hear your suggestions, and learn as we go to make this an awesome experience for everyone. Please email our Show Manager Sherrill Tisdale at if you have any suggestions.  


Have additional questions?! Email our show manager at - we will continuously update this page with common questions to ensure there is no confusion as we test out this new and exciting way of showing!